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One sale now!!! Pact of 2 ice trays. These giant ice cube trays are the absolute best ice trays on the market. A lot of our customers are saying “Great value for the price.” Once you buy these big ice trays you will not want to buy another!!!! These ice trays make the biggest ice cubes out there.

Extra large size 2-inch flexible silicone ice cube trays maker for whiskey, cocktails, coffee, wine & scotch. Giant BPA free freezer cubes mold. Very X big 2” molds trays. Best 8 cavity ice holder.

Why should you buy these ice cube trays????? Because they are:

Perfect for scotch ice, whiskey ice, cocktail ice, or any cold drinks

A must have silicone ice cube mold for the kitchen

Dishwasher safe so it makes your post party clean up easier

One silicone ice cube trays that creates eight 2” X 2” X 2” giant ice cubes

Ice cubes won’t split, shard, or crack

Since the ice cubes are so huge, your drinks are never watered down

Easy to fill & reusable

Very durable silicone ice tray that will not break like plastic ice trays

Dishwasher safe

Very flexible silicone tray that makes the ice cubes easy to remove

Phthalate free & BPA free

FDA approved

Money back Guarantee

So what are you waiting for. Try them out now.